Finding the Next Bitcoin and do not miss its Payday

Finding the Next Bitcoin

Three Strategies for Choosing What Cryptocurrency to Invest in Next.


You’ve probably thought it at one point or another: “I missed the Bitcoin payday. How do I decide what cryptocurrency to invest in now that I know about the market?”what will be the Next Bitcoin

The bad news: It’s unlikely that any other cryptocurrency will see the same astronomical growth that Bitcoin experienced over the last few years, and impossible to predict it.

The good news: There’s still plenty of opportunities to invest in up-and-coming cryptocurrencies that could potentially bring you 10-100x returns. This comes with a heavy note of caution, because as you may know, cryptocurrencies are incredibly volatile. This is not investment advice, and you should gain/lose money on your own research and intuition.

In this article, we’ll go over some basic strategies you can follow when searching for what cryptocurrency to invest in next. We’re focusing on high risk, high reward options here. If you’re looking for general investment tips, you should check out our article on how to build a proper cryptocurrency portfolio instead.

Scour Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have quickly become the standard for blockchain startups to raise funding for their project. In an ICO, the team hosts a crowdsale in which you purchase tokens that you can use on their platform. You can also trade these tokens in the secondary market (exchanges) after the ICO.

For example, Golem held an ICO to distribute the first GNT tokens. The purpose of these tokens is to purchase computing power in the Golem network, but traders also buy and sell them on exchanges.

Participating in ICOs can be a lucrative trading strategy. If you invested in the NEO crowdsale (at the time the project was called AntShares), your return on investment (ROI) would be ~160,000% currently. Populous, about 5,000%. OmiseGo, around 4,000%. You get the picture.

ICO ROIs | Finding the Next Bitcoin

Source: ICOBench

ICO gains do come with the highest amount of risk, though. The majority of ICOs will fail, and already almost half have done so already.

ICO Research

It’s important that you do your due diligence when picking what cryptocurrency to invest in pre-ICO. There are a ton of things to look at when evaluating a cryptocurrency, but the most important attributes are:

  • Team and advisors – The team should have experience in blockchain technology or at least the industry that they’re targeting. Preferably both. Having reputable advisors is also a strong sign that the ICO could succeed.
  • Clear problem/solution – The project’s white paper should clearly define what problem the project is aiming to solve and how the cryptocurrency solves it. Make sure it’s not just a document full of marketing BS.
  • Token distribution –  The team should be distributing over fifty percent of the tokens to crowdsale participants if not much, much more. Be hesitant about projects in which the team and advisors keep a significant proportion of tokens.

Other things to take note of are: any notable partnerships, whether the team has already created a product, and the size of the industry they’re targeting. All of these things could lead to a favorable investment.

Check Lesser Known Exchanges

Even if you missed your chance to participate in an interesting ICO, you can still invest once the coin hits exchanges. At this time, there’s often a brief spike followed by an immediate dump as ICO investors look to cash-in on short-term gains. This is a prime opportunity to get coins you’re interested in for ICO-level (or even lower) prices.

Beyond the short post-ICO period, you still have time to invest in a coin before major exchanges begin to list it. Cryptopia and decentralized exchanges such as IDEX are goldmines for these types of coins. The same research strategies mentioned above apply to coins in this category as well.

IDEX exchange | Finding the Next Bitcoin

Search through coins with a small market cap (<$100 million) that haven’t been listed on a large exchange like Binance yet. You can check CoinMarketCap to see which exchanges coins are on. Make sure you research appropriately and find coins that you believe to have solid fundamentals.

Once you’ve found a coin you’re confident in, purchase it, and (this is the hardest part) wait. It could take days, weeks, or even months for your coin to reach a respectable amount of awareness. If you truly believe in the fundamentals of the coin, though, this time-frame shouldn’t matter. Once the coin joins a major exchange, feel free to trade it accordingly.

Time Important Events

Another popular strategy in selecting what cryptocurrency to invest in is to choose coins based on project roadmaps and event calendars. This is a short-term strategy and usually much harder to execute than the other ones that we’ve covered.

The price of cryptocurrency tends to rise after an important partnership announcement or development milestone. If you follow certain projects on Twitter or are active in their Telegram channel, you usually find out about these announcements ahead of the less involved general public.

With that information, you can sometimes buy into a project early and ride the wave up following the announcement. This has some potential downsides, though. Correct timing is incredibly difficult to accomplish. And, in a bear market, even the most impressive announcements can get crushed under the negative sentiment.

Additionally, the rest of the market may not react to the news the way that you expect. A recent example of this is Verge’s PornHub partnership announcement. While some supporters saw this as positive news, the majority of the market didn’t, and the price crashed accordingly.

Stay Vigilant

Most importantly, you just need to stay vigilant when looking for the Next Bitcoin and  to find what cryptocurrency to invest in. New investment opportunities occur every day when you’re actively looking for them. Join subreddits, follow crypto traders on Twitter, constantly research new projects – in essence, engulf yourself in the blockchain space. You never know what gems you’ll stumble upon.

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Steven Buchko

Steven is a managing editor at Coin Central and a blockchain investor. He's also the co-founder of Coin Clear, a mobile app that automatically turns your daily spending habits into cryptocurrency investments.


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Why You Need to Get Onboard With Blockchain!

Why You Need to Get Onboard With Blockchain!

Blockchain tech – so revolutionary in nature that some are calling it the “new internet.” It has applications in just about every industry, and has completely altered the way we think about internet security, the processing of information, and the speed of transactions.

Blockchain is the technology that supports the digital currency  or cryptocurrency called Bitcoin –

however this is not what it is really about as it has a far wider scope of applications and is being commercialized in a growing number of areas.

It has generated much interest in technology circles and beyond, because of the new possibilities it opens up in financial services, the public sector and other areas.

According to sites like, blockchain tech is definitely worth keeping an eye on due to the myriad of benefits it provides.

Blockchain and Bitcoin are not the same thing – Bitcoin is implemented using blockchain technology, but blockchain technology can be used in contexts much wider than Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. so when we are talking about the blockchain we are talking about a combination of a number of technologies, these including:

  • Distributed ledgers.
  • The blockchain data structure.
  • Public key cryptography.
  • Consensus mechanisms.

Part of what makes it so exciting is that it is completely open source. As a result, there are already a number of interesting blockchain apps, and the number is growing daily.

The technology is so secure that it is already being used by DARPA to secure military data. Various governments around the world are working on ways to use the tech to protect their own data.
The tech is tamper-proof, and the data stored within it is permanent. It cannot be erased or altered, and this is what makes it so enticing to those needing more secure networks.

But there is more, folks. (Okay, so that sounds a bit like an infomercial, but the benefits are real nonetheless.) Transactions can speed across the network – taking only as much time as it takes for them to be authorized.

The blockchain cannot be described just as a revolution. It is a tsunami-like phenomenon, slowly advancing and gradually enveloping everything along its way by the force of its progression.

William Mougayar

The system runs without the need for an intermediary, and this reduces the time it takes to execute transactions. This, and the unique way that the tech works, means that costs are significantly reduced as well.

What makes it so revolutionary is that the information is spread across every computer within the network. With Bitcoin, that means the data is securely “backed up” over thousands of computers.

Now, it is unlikely that banks will entrust their data to a public network in the same way, but they have been working on creating networks of their own instead.

The potential savings in terms of cost and time are extensive. If you want to learn more about these savings, check out the infographic below.


Why You Need to Get Onboard With Blockchain!

Blockchain Disruptions | Why You Need to Get Onboard With Blockchain!

Why You Need to Get Onboard With Blockchain!

Visit . for more interesting Infographics

Guys did an amazing job and was allowed to share.


Why trade Cryptocurrency

Why trade Cryptocurrency

Why do people trade Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are a form of a virtual currency, it purpose is to function as a medium of exchange making it the same as regular money in many regards.

The normal fiat currency everyone knows is controlled by the banks and the governments and altogether you have no control on this. This is where cryptocurrencies are different.

They work on the concept that the cryptocurrency is decentralized and works through a blockchain, a public transaction database which functions as a distributed ledger.

The time for cryptocurrenies is NOW

Of course we can go in deep and write a 600 pages book on this. But i expect you do not have the patience for reading that.  so let's just say that it is important to know that everyone is using them already. maybe they are not aware of it but they are everywhere and money that goes from your pay-slip to your bank is as virtual as this.

One of the Main difference is that every other cryptocurrency is based on the absolute consensus of all the participants with regard to the legitimacy of the transactions and balances.

2017 was the year of the cryptocurrencies, they went big. At the start of 2017, the market cap of all the cryptos combines stood at already amazing mount of $18 billion.  But if we move 12 months forward this amount had surged by over 250,000% to surpass a market capitalization of $520 billion. The most famous Crypto currency Bitcoin took care of around 50% of this growth after that ethereum and Litecoin and then the rest follows  Bitcoin.

This went of course with a huge amount of noise, with banks and governments screaming and threatening as they lost some control on their financial situation.

At the same time this growth has attracted many institutional and individual traders and investors.

To just name one of the most famous ones, JP Morgan & Chase bank announced in late 2017 that it would start accepting Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies had reached a growth stage where traders are actively looking for the best cryptocurrency brokers who will help them make a profit just like it is the case in Forex, Indices, Commodities and stocks trading.

So Why trade Cryptocurrency?

there are a few reasons for this ,

if we look at why trade Cryptocurrency as to why not only forex  ? there are a few key differences and these have less to do with the actual trading and more with the conditions of trading


You can trade cryptocurrency from anywhere on this planet and a . A person in France can trade their crypto coins with a person that sits in Chile or Antarctica. Since the price & rates of the cryptocurrency are not related to the country someone is sitting in everyone is able to trade it. The local economy is not related.


It is very volatile. The price moves sometimes faster than on regular forex ad when it moves it is able to move much more then in regular forex. This make sense as in forex the price is related to an economy and for a currency to double or collapse some enormous dramatic events have to be taken place.

Trading Hours:

It can be traded 24/7. Trading cryptocurrency wholly depends on an individual trader and not on time. This is what sets it apart from for example the stocks that one are able to be traded during normal business hours of the stock exchange.

There are of course many more reasons, but these are the operational reasons that set the cryptocurrencies apart from the forex and other financial instruments that you are able to trade online.

The market also has shifted that today online you are able to find broker that the only thing they offer for trading are cryptocurrencies. I am not talking about forex brokers offering now Bitcoin , but  Cryptocurrencies Broker that offer numerous Crypto's for Trading  and thus you as a trader are able to trade so many different pairs and crypto's that everyday at any hours you will be able to find a trading opportunity.

here are 2 of the Best Crypto-currency Broker for your convenience


XCoinBroker (

Why trade Cryptocurrency with xcoinbroker cryptocurrency Trading

is a new cryptocurrency friendly CFD investment brokerage that operates under the supervision of Zed Consult Ltd and was introduced to the online marketplace on November 7th, 2017.the offer trading in Numerous cryptocurrencies and you are able to also fund your account in crypto.


Weber finance (

Why trade Cryptocurrency with Weber Finance  a cryptocurrency Broker in the truest form. they offer several cryptocurrencies trading on a dedicated Trading Platform.





Why trade Cryptocurrency |  and should you start trading too ?

Last words :

for beginners there is the simply logic of learn before you trade, trading brings the risk of losing your investment. so never put more then %5 of your portfolio on one trade and read and learn , many brokers have demo accounts 

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Blocksquare takes Real estate Investments to the masses with their Series A Crowdsale

Blocksquare whats to come
Blocksquare whats to come

Blocksquare takes Real estate Investments to the masses with their Series A Crowd sale

EUROPE – April, 2018 – Blocksquare, a leading blockchain-based system that provides online real estate platforms a unique and new format as how to utilize blockchains to tokenized the real estate market, announce the opening of its Series A crowd sale.

Along with the launch of the Crowd sale, the company announces its first real estate property pilot program to be tokenized by Blocksquare.

With the turbulent state of the market in mind , the Series A crowd sale has a cap of 300,000 USD total and a price of 0.25 USD.

the pilot project which is performed with a partnership of Genii Capital presents the small investors the opportunity to buy into a popular multi-unit real estate property occupied by students in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

This was a well worth consideration as a pilot project for the following reasons:

1. The units sell out each year, making it a favorable investment and an opportunity for backers to acquire a fraction of a rent-generating property.

2. With more available properties comes more rent, which means higher demand for the Blocksquare token (BST).

Blocksquare isn’t just another ICO hoping to capitalize on the nascent cryptocurrency market.

 There is more to come from Blocksquare

It is planned that after the initial pilot project additional projects are brought forth in Switzerland Luxembourg and Croatia.

The reason behind the cap on the total amount of tokens to be releases is for Blocksquare the natural token flow and achieve greater impact on the crypto economy.

So why would this be interesting for small investors?

It allows people to enter without any minimum requirement. All that is needed is for the person to have an internet connection to purchase his or her tokens. It opens the global real estate market to the little people something that the entire concept of block chains supports.

They set themselves apart from other ICO's this way as almost all other ICO's are trying to get as much funding as possible, talking about millions.

Blocksquare’s network gives anyone the opportunity to trade tokenized assets freely and without too much hassle. In addition, the fact that here are no long-term obligations, gives people that are looking to get into the cryptocurrency industry an easy in.

To join this venture you will just open your browser and go to an online commercial real-estate company’s and use a widget similar to PayPal, to start.

Imagine the implication here. You receive a bit of money fro your aunt and instead of putting it at the bank where it will not do anything for you, you buy a bit of real estate that potentially will earn you money straight away.

“Taking in funding through a multi-series model allows us to be flexible, which is necessary in afluctuating market where conditions are not always perfect for ICOs,”

enis Petrovcic, co-founder and CEO at Blocksquare.

“Our community of supporters and people who share our vision are invaluable to us, so we’ve lowered the Series A token sale price and are offering all contributors an extra bonus due to the market drops. We’re building a strong community and are confident that our multi-series token sale model is the best approach for bringing real estate options to everyone.”

said Denis Petrovcic, co-founder and CEO at Blocksquare.

The details of the Crowd sale are here Below:

Series A Crowdsale: April 18th, 2018, 1500 GMT

Cap: 300,000 USD

Token Price: 0.25 USD

Minimum contribution: 0.2 ETH

Early-bird bonus for the first 60 minutes: 25%

  • 25% bonus ➡ April 18th 15.00 GMT — April 18th 16.00 GMT
  • 15% bonus ➡ April 18th 16.01 GMT — April 22nd 16.00 GMT
  • 7% bonus ➡ April 27th 16.01 GMT — May 4th 16.00 GMT
  • no bonus ➡ May 4th 16.01 GMT — May 11th 16.00 GMT

Built on the Ethereum network, Blocksquare is developing the infrastructure and standard for real estate tokenization and fractional ownership to open real estate ventures for the everyday internet user.

Making the Blocksquare Team stronger

In order to get themselves to the next level the company also understood it needs reinforcements of professionals that have the experience and know-how to matter.

As such they have acquired the services of the CEO of the prestigious real estate investment house The Blackmore Group, Philip Nunn.

Mr. Nunn will join the Advisory Board and with his experience and specializations in wealth management, angel investment, commercial property investment and financial technology, Mr Nunn will bring some additional knowledge and wisdom to this already smart group of people.

When people were saying that the future is here, they were only understating it. We can actually see the future taking shape by efforts like these.

To learn more about how to contribute to Blocksquare during its public crowd sale and join the whitelist, visit

To learn more about Blocksquare, visit

Join the official Blocksquare group on Telegram to communicate with the team about the project and the token crowd sale here:

Blocksquare whats to come
Blocksquare whats to come


Blocksquare, a blockchain system for commercial real estate tokenization, announced its crowdsale is open today, with a strong foundation in its first upcoming real estate pilot project.

Unlike other ICOs looking to capitalize on the crypto market, Block square is focused on building a strong community to bring real estate investment options to everyone. In response to market fluctuation, Blocksquare adjusted its crowd sale cap and is offering an added 25% bonus for backers. Blocksquare’s first real estate property pilot program is a multi-unit real estate property occupied by students. The favorable investment option allows backers to acquire a fraction of a rent-generating property –creating higher demand for Blocksquare’s token.

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What are cryptocurrency Brokers?

What are cryptocurrency Brokers?

If you look at the market and industry today you see that cryptocurrencies are as hot as ever, thou they lost a bit of the hype that was soaring in the end of 2017, they are still the most exciting industry today.

The development and maturing of this industry will affect everyone and people that understand this will benefit more then those that do not, it is just that simple.

This said there are so many IO's coming out and so many new cryptocurrencies launched that it can become a bit daunting to try to follow all.

There I actually no need for that as with most thing the best ones will stay, and many others will just slowly disappear.

People tend today to trade these cryptocurrencies before that actually invest in them.

The reason for this is clear as when you are trading you are able to make money on the rise but also on the fall of a crypto.

You don’t actually buy or sell any real cryptocurrency and do not need a wallet, what you in fact are doing is trading on the price changes of this cryptocurrency.

As we have seen with bitcoin that dropped after it was at a rate close to the $20,000 back to below $10,000, this move makes many people say that this is a bad investment but they tend to forget that at the beginning of last year Bitcoin did not even pass the level of the $1,000.

What are cryptocurrency Brokers?

Traders today have for trading currencies , indices and commodities always turned to the numerous forex brokers that offering trading services for this , companies, etoro, avatrade and GKFX to just name a few. There literally hundreds of such companies and some are good others are bad.

These companies are often regulated through regulations like Cysec, FSA and other regulatory entities. The regulation required the brokers to work in a certain format to avoid money laundering and at the same time protect the traders from scam brokers.

After this the Binary options Broker came along.

These brokers offered a different kind of trading which also required most of the time a different trading platform. Where forex brokered in general offered metatrader 4 or metatrader 5 from metaquaotes. Or had their own trading platform like etoro binary option brokers used other providers like the trading platform like spotoption .

Now with the new market of Cryptocurrencies there is a new type of broker.

What are cryptocurrency Brokers?
What are cryptocurrency Brokers?

The cryptocurrency brokers.

These brokers also have their own trading platform that is dedicated to trading cryptocurrencies, you will be able to trade these currencies against the main valuate like the USdollar British pounds, euro and other majors. Or you will be able to trade one cryptocurrency against the others, the last one is in general not offered by the forex brokers and might actually be even more interesting to trade then for example Bitcoin against the Dollar.

The Platform is very easy to use and fully mobile compatible because there are still not a huge number of cryptocurrencies that one can trade the platform looks simple and not over crowded.

Trading in MT4 one does for the charting and I have to admit that some of the charts and EA's that you have in MT4 could benefit the crypto trader. s there is room for improvement in this matter.

Now there are new brokers that are not offering the standard trading platfor

m the Forex industry offers but are going only for thee dedicated cryptocurrency trading platform for example AirsoftLTD.  These brokers like WeberFinance and Xcoinbroker are not regulated but full-service brokers that look to make a name for themselves and establish a broker for the long term.


They offer leverage and margin like the forex brokers but you are in general also able to fund your account with the cryptocurrencies.

Should you Use a Crytobroker instead of a Forex Broker?

This depends on what you look to trade. The Forex industry will never make cryptocurrencies it is main tradable assets , this you will notice in the daily analysis and market pates as they are more stock, commodities and regular currencies related . same for the market view.

The cryptocurrency broker focusses only one thing and that is cryptocurrencies. So, this is their bread and butter and this you will feel.

Xcoinbroker for example has a very thorough market analysis for its main cryptocurrencies and weberfinance offers a crypto news section on this trading platform.

So yes, if I plan to trade only crypto I rather do this with a broker that is only offering crypto trading.



Three ways to invest in crypto without buying any

Three ways to invest in crypto without buying any

The Global Investors have good reason to be concerned about buying into the cryptocurrency craze. But any self respecting Investor will always have concerns.

Some of the world’s most respected money managers and central bankers have declared bitcoin and its various competing digital coins to be in a bubble, warning buying them is closer to gambling than investing. i have to agree for some of the IO's and some of the crypto's but this period is also needed to weed them out.

There is of course some self interest in this and it is easier to say afterwards i was right when staying on the sidelines.

Some investors also do not grasp the concept of investing in something with no physical form and yet have no problem understanding radio adverting. .

The concept that a bitcoin only exists as a few lines of unique computer code makes it hard for them to envision this, yet also here nowadays you deal as they do with larger amounts only with digital money through the bank , just ones and zeroes as no real physical funds are send from one bank to another when a money transfer is being made.

For those not dissuaded by the former by this concept, there is a way to overcome the latter: by investing in producers of the complex machinery required to maintain the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Here a few examples of Three ways to invest in crypto

Number 1 of Three ways to invest in cryptocurrencies


Before the crypto world ran on specialized ASIC chips, it ran on plain old graphics processing units (GPUs).Image result for AMD logo

Bitcoin and various other coins started with GPUs, which exist in every personal computer to handle the showing of videos and the playing of video games, but have since moved on to an ASIC-based ecosystem.

Yet there are still hundreds of digital coins being supported by GPUs, including some of the largest bitcoin rivals like Ethereum and Monero.

“Crypto appears to be helping Advanced Micro Devices disproportionately,”

BMO semiconductor analyst Ambrish Srivastava told clients in a research note published last month.

According to Mercury Research, nearly four million GPUs were sold in the final three months of 2017 solely to mine various cryptocurrencies and process their transactions.

That amount more than doubled crypto-based GPU demand in the prior three-month period and the BMO report found AMD commanded a whopping 64 per cent of the market for crypto GPUs.

The rising tide of crypto demand for GPUs is raising all boats to some extent, with chief AMD rival Nvidia reportedly hiking prices by more than 80 per cent for its own graphics processors.

one company that is likely to cash on on this new industry !!

Number 2 of Three ways to invest in cryptocurrencies


While this Chinese company remains privately held, it is by far the world’s largest producer of ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) chips specially designed to mine bitcoin.

It doesn’t just produce and sell those mining units around the world, but the company is also believed to control one the world’s largest cryptocurrency mining operations, built using its own technology.

Right now it takes a high-profile investor - the likes of Sequoia Capital or IDG Capital – to be able to buy a piece of Bitmain, but the company said in August 2017 that it was weighing an initial public offering, so retail investors may eventually gain an inroad.


Number 3 of Three ways to invest in cryptocurrencies


Outside of Bitmain, there is only one other major global crypto-focused ASIC producer: Amsterdam-based BitFury Group. Image result for BitFury Group

Unlike Bitmain, which sells individual ASIC chips, Bitfury sells what it calls a BlockBox: 100,000 ASIC chips crammed into a 40-foot shipping container capable of mining nearly 50 bitcoins per month (based on the coin’s market value at the end of January 2018).

BitFury is also privately held, but a reverse takeover-style agreement struck with Vancouver-based Hut 8 Mining late last year has opened up an opportunity for Canadians to invest directly in crypto mining infrastructure.

Hut 8 started trading on the TSX Venture Exchange earlier this week and is 43 per cent owned by BitFury.

“BitFury is Hut 8, that is the way you can see it,” Hut 8 CEO Sean Clark told BNN in an interview on Wednesday. “No other miner that is publicly traded right now has a guaranteed access to chips.”

The plan is to have 60 megawatts worth of BitFury mining farms operating across Canada by mid-2018, which would more than triple Hut 8’s current capacity. As of March 5th it had mined a total of 645 Bitcoins, but the company’s name implies major ambitions: it comes from the facility in England where famed mathematician Alan Turing broke the enigma code that changed the course of World War II.

so if you do not see that investing in cryptocurrenies is the way to go as you simply cannot foresee which one will actually make it, maybe the way to go is to invest in those companies that offer products dealing with all the cryptocurrencies.

Three ways to invest in crypto

Supreme Court Sides With Bits of Gold in Bank Dispute

Supreme Court Sides With Bitcoin Broker "Bits of Gold" in Israeli Bank Dispute

Upon appeal, the Israeli Supreme Court has rejected the closure of Bits of Gold’s banking facilities at Leumi bank, Tel Aviv.

The Israeli cryptocurrency brokerage’s appeal followed a previous ruling against it that has now been set aside by the higher court.

As Israel and many other countries struggle with the accelerated phenomenon of virtual currencies, Leumi Bank recently made the news for being a particularly blunt in its rejection of Bitcoin.

We should of course not be surprised with the banks attitude towards bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency for that matter. keep in mind that the banks become more and more obsolete because of them. Bits of gold versus leumi

They will keep on loosing money which now they make with ridiculous commissions of work that is fully automated. so they will try to see how they are able to make the operation and acquiring cryptos  as hard as possible knowing that they will never be able to stop them.

There is widespread anticipation that the upcoming G20 Summit in March 2018 will produce a global, moderate framework for a regulatory approach. Set against that are persistent hostile stances the world over from banks, asset managers and even governments towards cryptocurrencies.

Now that the countries understand there is money to be made with Taxation in cryptocurrencies they might want to make sure that the banks stay within their lane. 

Apart from the Israeli revenue service opting to tax cryptocurrency assets as “properties” and other more positive developments dating back to mid-2017, Israel remains a strange mix of genteel acceptance alongside wildly opposing voices.

There is thus Hope But no decision

Bits of Gold has fought a David and Goliath battle since their banker decided it wanted to steer clear of all cryptocurrency-related business.

On record as recently telling another bitcoin-related trader that they simply don’t want the business, Leumi Bank’s hard-line stance is accumulating bad press. The second-largest bank in Israel appears as discriminatory when analyzing virtual currency traders and other digital coin businesses.

During 2017, a customer made a bank transfer to the Kraken exchange site for buying bitcoin worth $1000. The bank identified the request, halted it, and started investigating.

Bits of Gold

The elated CEO of Bits of Gold, Youval Rouach said that “The court’s decision enables us to focus on the growth of the Israeli cryptocurrency community.”


The February 26 Supreme Court ruling granted Bits of Gold a temporary injunction against their account closure pending further scrutiny by the bank and other parties. The presiding bench declared that the company had “acted transparently and did not violate any provision of law.”

Calling the bank’s concerns “speculative” and turning an unsympathetic ear to the plaintiff, the ruling does, however, allow for the bank to still close the account on any small technical detail that defies legislation. As a record of a public spat around cryptocurrency’s right to be recognized in many ways, the ruling is seen as a victory for the local cryptocurrency community.

One Small Step Forward

Although not as absolute as nations like China that has opted for draconian bans, Israel is a front line for digital coins’ right not just to exist, but also become assets in the true sense of the word. The Supreme Court noted in its written ruling that Bits of Gold had not made itself guilty of the violation of any standing laws since opening its doors for business.


The Bits of Gold v. Leumi Bank case might become something of a test case once the bank applies its mind in scrutinizing the company’s accounts against the backdrop of existing legislation. The outcome will also be informed by sentiment post the G20 Summit due in March as well as other global regulatory trends.

Now that the countries understand there is money to be made with Taxation in cryptocurrencies they might want to make sure that the banks stay within their lane.

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KFC har märkt Bitcoin

KFC har märkt Bitcoin
KFC har märkt Bitcoin

FAST-FOOD kedjan KFC har noterat Bitcoin.

FAST-FOOD-kedjan KFC hoppar ombord på kryptotåget och erbjuder kunderna i Kanada möjlighet att betala för sin kyckling i bitcoin.

KFC har märkt Bitcoin i Kanada
KFC har märkt Bitcoin i Kanada

För motsvarigheten till $ CA20 i bitcoin - för närvarande 0.0011204 i den virtuella valutan - kan kunderna köpa "Bitcoin Bucket", som innehåller 10 kycklingsben, våffelstrå, en mellansida, mediumdryck och två dips.

"Naturligtvis vet vi inte exakt vilka bitroner, eller hur de fungerar, men får inte komma mellan dig och en finger för att licensera god kyckling,"

företaget skrev nerTwitter .

FAST-FOOD-kedjan KFC märkte Bitcoin på KFC Kanada presenterar # Bitcoin-hinken. OK, vi vet inte exakt vad Bitcoins är, eller hur de fungerar, men det borde inte komma mellan dig och ett finger för att slicka god kyckling.

- FAST-FOOD-kedjan KFC noterade Bitcoin på KFC Canada (@kfc_canada) 11 januari 2018 Den begränsade tiden Bitcoin-hinken kan endast köpas från KFC Canada-webbplatsen för hemleverans.

"Welkom in 2018, Canada",

"Trots uppgångar och nedgångar av bitcoin är oberstens ursprungliga recept lika bra som någonsin. Så byt din bitcoins för skopor och investera i något du kan slicka på. "

Kampanjen åtföljdes av en live-video på Facebook med bitcoinpriser och skämt med bitcoint-tema.

"Fortfarande bara $ 20 vanliga människor-pengar", läs ett meddelande på ticker.
Andra ingår "Bitcoin är nere, investera istället i hinkar", "Investera i originalrecept.


Undvik allt-recept "," ta en hink med kyckling istället "," Det är $ 20-hinken, men mer futuristisk och lite förvirrande "och" Köp dopp. Honung senap är en personlig favorit.

Reaktionen mot sociala medier var blandad. "Jag ska bara få en hink", skrev en kommentator på Twitter. En annan frågade: "Varför skulle någon vilja betala $ 40 för $ 20 i kyckling?"

Betalningsverksamheten för KFC är Bitpay, vilken förra månaden var tvungen att tillfälligt öka sin minsta fakturahalt till $ US100 på grund av "nuvarande bitcoin nätverksförhållanden".

På grund av de höga avgifterna och väntetiderna har bitcoin-nätverket blivit nästan oanvändbart för daglig handel och små transaktioner under de senaste månaderna, vilket skapar en öppning för konkurrenskraftiga kryptokurser, inklusive bitcoin-kontanter , litecoin , ethereum i rimpel .

Bitpay återhämtade sig senare på $ US5, men varnade: "Många fakturor under $ US100 kan fortfarande vara oekonomiska för bitcoin-köpare på grund av höga bitcoin nätverksräntor."

Microsoft, som också använder Bitpay, kom överens om att acceptera bitcoin som betalning i nätbutiken efter att "vi arbetade med vår leverantör för att säkerställa att lägre bitbelopp kan lösas av kunder".

KFC har märkt Bitcoin och du kan nu betala med bitcoin

Nästa dag tillkännagav och en populär bitcoinkonferens som hölls i Miami nästa vecka och meddelade att det inte längre handlar om att acceptera betalningar i bitcoin.



sa den nordamerikanska Bitcoinkonferensen på sin biljettsida. "Förhoppningsvis nästa år kommer det att finnas mer enhet i samhället om skalfördelar och global adoption blir verklighet."

Ett tillkännagivande från justitieministeren i Sydkorea om att landet förbereder lagstiftning för att förbjuda kryptokurshandel skickade torsdagskockvågor genom marknaden.

En talesman för presidentkontoret gav senare en förklaring.
"Kommentarerna av justitieminister Park om stängning av kryptovalutaväxlingar är en av de åtgärder som utarbetats av justitieministeriet, men det är inte en åtgärd som har genomförts", sades det i uttalandet.

• I skrivande stund, Bitcoin handlas på $ US13.640, ner mer än 5 procent jämfört med föregående dag, medan ethereum minskade med 8 procent, rippel var 5 procent högre och Bitcoin pengar föll nästan 8 procent.

KFC lanserar "Bitcoin Bucket" FAST-FOOD-kedjan KFC har märkt Bitcoin.

3 Topp crypto valuta för 2018

3 Topp kryptokurser för 2018
3 Topp kryptokurser för 2018

3 Topp crypto valuta för 2018

2017 var året av bitcoin, vilket medför att kryptokurvens första steg går in i femsiffriga tal och uppmuntrar till en våg av medvetande i den växande makten.

Även investerare i hedgefonder som Peter Thiels grundarefond har gjort stora satsningar på bitcoin och ökningen av bitcoin futures har hjälpt till kryptocurrencyhandel i den nuvarande finansiella världen.

Yet bitcoin är bara en av de många kryptokurvor som får grepp och framtidsorienterade spelare i rymden måste hålla ögonen på vad industrin kommer att göra i framtiden.

De 3 närmaste Cryptovalutasna för 2018 har fått betydande erkännande på grund av deras starka avkastning under det gångna året och de erbjuder en bra balans mellan innovation och investerarigenkänning som kan leda till varaktig outperformance 2018.


Cryptovalutasna Pris i USA Dollars - dec. 31, 2017 Ökad 2017
Ripple $1.96 35,000%
Bitcoin cash $2,379 840%*
Litecoin $224 5,300%


Ripple fokuserar främst på finanssektorn. Topp crypto valuta för 2018

Ripple blev nyligen den näst mest värdefulla cryptocurrency när det gäller dess totala värde och dess utmärkta handelsbas.

Denna väckelse återspeglar Ripples mål att tillämpa blockchain-teknik i finanssektorn. Rynkor har redan attraherat partners i banksektorn för att använda sin teknik, med det senaste meddelandet förra året att American Express (NYSE: AXP) skulle använda Ripple blockchain för gränsöverskridande betalningar med Banco Santander (NYSE: SAN).

Flera andra globala banker har också testat Ripple de senaste åren.

Den största fördelen med Ripple är att trots den enorma vinsten i 2017 har den överlägset det lägsta dollarpriset under stor kryptokurrency. Detta kommer att vädja till dem som helt enkelt går in i rymden, som hoppas att Ripples pris i slutändan kan nå samma höga nivåer som bitcoin. Med mer än 38 miljarder utestående Ripple jämfört med mindre än 17 miljoner i cirkulationsbitcoin är denna värderingsnivå osannolik, men även under de första dagarna 2018 har Ripple redan gjort vinst på mer än 35%.

3 Topp kryptokurser för 2018

BitcoinCash försvinner.Topp crypto valuta för 2018

BitcoinCash har sitt ursprung i augusti, så det har inte varit dags att generera en återspårningsrekord som dess förkunnare för kryptocurrency.

Vad bitcoinCash skapade var ett beslut av bitcoin community att dela den ledande cryptocurrency i två delar.

Medan många medlemmar i Bitcoin-nätverket ville göra förändringar för att påskynda bearbetningskapaciteten för transaktioner, stannade vissa ut och försökte undvika stora förändringar och behålla större blockchain som det var istället.

Resultatet var att regelbundet bitcoin återspeglar kryptocurrency med uppdateringen, medan bitcoincash var kvar med den icke uppdaterade blockchain.

För närvarande är priset på bitcoincash endast en liten del av bitcoinvolymen. Ändå hävdar vissa förespråkare att bitcoincash är minst lika attraktiv som sin namne, och de letar efter sätt att hålla bitcoincash nära bitcoin för att göra allmänhetens medvetenhet bekväma med blockchain-splittringen.

Oavsett om det händer beror på huruvida allmänheten omfattar konceptet, men begreppsmässigt är de som söker paritet ett rimligt argument med tanke på de två kryptovalutas delade ursprung.

Litecoin blir tung. |Topp crypto valuta för 2018

Litecoin har också delade rötter med bitcoin, som skapades 2011 som en delning i den ursprungliga bitcoin blockchain. De två cryptovalutasna delar det gemensamma målet att underlätta betalningar, och de har båda ett begränsat antal öppna mynt som är tillgängliga för gruvdrift.

Litecoin har dock tagit över vissa attraktiva funktioner snabbare, till exempel uppdateringar som påskyndar transaktionsbehandling och en iboende snabbare bearbetningstid för blockbrytning.

Kanske är det viktigaste att Litecoin har en riktig person bakom cryptocurrency. Charlie Lee skapade projektet som ledde till skapandet av Litecoin, och hans arbete som en stark förespråkare för cryptocurrency ger litecoin en äkthet som saknar bitcoin.

Lägre priser gör också Litecoin mer tillgängligt än bitcoin, vilket kan locka investerare som letar efter de större vinsterna av bitcoin.

Leta efter volatiliteten i kryptokurrency i 2018

Slutligen, som bitcoin, är hela denna kryptocurrency utsatt för enorma mängder av potentiell prisvolatilitet i båda riktningarna.

Efter en enorm start i 2017 är risken för korrigeringar för en eller flera av dessa kryptokurrency hög. Föredragandena av blockchain kommer emellertid generellt att hävda att i slutändan de uppåtgående trender som Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin har sett kommer att fortsätta 2018 och därefter.


Handel Bitcoin med bästa mäklaren